ORAJET® 3930 Photoluminescent

ORAJET 3930 is a three-layered, high performance PVC film designed to glow in the dark. Once the active light source is turned off, the film will display a strong and lasting afterglow, making it an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor illumination of exit and wayfinding signage. The film does not contain cadmium or any radioactive materials, and its phosphorescent properties will not be impaired by repeated use.


Product Descriptions

-Three-layered, light yellow, cadmium-free high performance PVC film
-Improved luminous density and decay time
-Superior glossy surface
-For indoor and outdoor markings
-Inkjet printing with solvent based inks, UV- or Latex inks
-Service life: 5years (not printed)
-Made in Germany


-Standard Width: 1370mm
-Standard Length: 25m
-Availability: Roll | Loose
-MOQ: 1 yard [3ft]

Data sheets and downloads

Technical Data Sheet
Article Information
Product Sheet