Design Line Knifeless Tape


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Product Descriptions

-Permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive self-adhesive
-High Stretchable, very sharp and flexible
-Original brand, various used in every vinyl film
-Easy to operate and remove without residue, no damage your car body
-Application: Create striping, accents and designs that rival using a knife or plotter
-Length: 50m

1. A cutting tool with cast vinyl films.
2. You can break the tape with your hands to make it faster to apply.
3. Trim your wraps faster, easier and safer, create racking stripes and much more without a knife.
4. No risk of cutting into a vehicles paint again.
5. Patented design stretches slightly and turns easily in any direction for one-of-a-kind works of art
6. Tape can be broken with hands for faster application
7. Flexible tape and filament is engineered to easily create highly contoured designs and leave a sharp, clean edge.


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